2017 List of Top 10 best banks in Nigeria and their Capital Base

2017 List of Top 10 banks in Nigeria and their Capital Base.

Currently we bring you the lists of the top best banks in Nigeria that have kept the pace at maintaining their standard without being pulled off the rope by competitors. Each of the banks has its own positive aspect and alongside flaws too. These evaluation which is basically based on banks with relations to the latest ranking of “The banker” by the financial group of London. These rating was carried out considering the bank position amongst other banks in the world.

Lots of factors were put in place and considered in order to finalize and compile the list of the best banks in Nigeria. It’s really has been a tough one with the economic history of the country since the year 2016. Most big banks being so careful and trying so hard to readjust the system to suit the situation of the country with recession experiences. You should know that the most difficult part of financial institution like banks is maintaining standard and credibility. The naira fluctuation in respect to dollar rise really made a devastating hit on our country’s economy. The list of the Nigeria best banks is as follows:

Top 10 Best Banks in Nigeria

1) Zenith Bank Plc.

Zenith bank Plc. ranking as the best bank amongst other banks in Nigeria and also taking its position as the number 293 on the worlds list with an amazing capital base of $3.0162 billion. It’s actually a tough one to have attained these position in the world and also taking position 6 among African banks irrespective of the country’s economy.

2) Eco Transitional Bank, Ecobank

Ecobank cited as the second best bank in Nigeria and has assumed the 7th position among African banks with a capital base of $3.030 billion.

3) FirstBank of Nigeria Plc.

The FirstBank of Nigeria ranking the third best bank in Nigeria. Assuming position 10 in Africa. FirstBank of Nigeria has a capital base of $2.327 billion.

4) Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)

Being in the list as no. 4 and cited at 10th position in Africa. Has a capital base of $2.041 billion.

5) Access Bank Plc.

Access bank Plc. Is the 5th on the list of the best banks in Nigeria and also the 15th Africa best banks and a capital base of $1.398 billion?

6) Diamond Bank

This is actually the sixth best on the list and seventeenth among Africa banks.

7) United Bank of Nigeria (UBA)

UBA ranks the seventh position in Nigeria.

8) Fidelity Bank

Fidelity bank spots the 8th position in Nigeria and then the 21st position in Africa.

9) Firstcity Monument Bank

10) Skye Bank

These are the top ten best banks in Nigeria.

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