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FirstAlert is an all-day steady service provider that feeds in  customers  with recent bank updates and developments about their personal accounts, through e-mail or sms on mobile phone and always ready and available for customers usage.

FirstAlert service provider is of two different types which are

  • Email alert– Recent bank updates are sent through email address you filled in while opening an account with the bank with no value added charges by banks.
  • SMS alert– Information’s gets to the customer as the transactions take place through text on his/her mobile phone. N4 is charged by banks per SMS sent to the customer.

Features of FisrtAlert

  • SMS Alert
    1. Account Alerts: On every Debit and Credit.
  • Email Alert
    1. Returned Cheques Alert
    2. Standing Order Alerts.
    3. Account Balances: Daily, weekly, or monthly
    4. MasterCard Credit Card Balance Alert.
    5. Account Alerts: On every Debit and Credit
  • Benefits of FirstAlert

    • Keeps you informed of activities on account 24/7 availability.
    • Immediate notification of transactions.
    • Reduces fraudulent acts by scammers

    Examples of Alerts Received from FirstBank

    • Your credit card payment is due
    • A bill payment has been sent
    • A transfer has processed successfully or has failed to process
    • Your online statement is ready for viewing
    • A bill’s due date is approaching
    • A withdrawal, deposit or check posts to your account
    • An e-bill is ready to review
    • Your checking, savings or credit line balance is above or below an amount you specify

FAQs about FirstAlert

1) Does the SMS alert attract monthly charges?

No, it only demands deduction of N4 per SMS

2) Does FirstAlert has an elapsing period?

No, it’s always at customers reach 24/7

3) Will I be charged for mails received through email?


4) What if I lose my number, do I still stand a chance to receive firstAlerts?

No, until you get a new registered number and go to the bank for replacement of the old number.

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