Ice Cube Recounts Getting Booed Off Stage, Meeting Run DMC At The Apollo Theater

Ice Cube got booed off stage, and a keep running in with Run DMC at the Apollo Theater.

In the most recent, imaginative arrangement by Pigeons and Planes, “What Had Happened Was,” Cube shares an account of once upon a time, before NWA was”hot” as Cube puts it.

The team moves up to New York for “another music course” and are welcome to perform at the pined for Apollo theater. Be that as it may, before they even get a line out, the fans interpretation of take a gander at Ice Cube’s Jerry Curls and instantly start to boo the gathering. Obviously, when Cube returned years after the fact as a performance craftsman, fans couldn’t get enough of him and there was a line-up to get his show.

He additionally relates running into Run DMC and getting a few expressions of exhortation. Investigate the full, energized video beneath.

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