Nyck Caution & Kirk Knight Reveal “Nyck @ Knight” Tracklist & Artwork

Ace Era’s Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight have collaborated to shape the gathering Nyck @ Knight, and they’ve authoritatively shared the tracklist and work of art for their eponymous presentation. At eight melodies, the venture seems, by all accounts, to be free of bloat, which looks good for devotees of a compact, reasonable tune in. To the extent highlights, Nyck At Knight’s sole visitor appearance comes as a Pro Era gang cut, which ought to be dope.

Look at the work of art obligingness of Kirk Knight’s Instagram beneath, and get Nyck @ Knight performing at Official Fire Emoji occasion.

1. “Off The Wall”
2. “All Night”
3. “No One Seems to Care”
4. “Dial Up”
5. “Perfect Murder”
6. “Headlights”
7. “Audiopium” Feat. Pro Era
8. “Wake Up”

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