How to Obtain and Activate a FirstBank Token / FirstBank Nigeria

FirstBank Token

FirstBank Token are security portable device that generates personal security code or pin used as second factor credibility for transaction. Tokens are issued by banks to give optimal and accurate protection against online or offline fraud and theft by fraudsters and hackers who engage in the act. The Token is widely used because it grants customers a full access to their various accounts with the bank.

Types of Token

  • Hard Token: These are token which are visible and physically handled by customers to use for generating security codes to enable credible bank transactions.
  • Soft Token: this is an application that can be downloaded using mobile phones and used as means of generating security code.

So the customers goes to a nearby FirstBank to either request for a hard token or decides to download a soft token using his/her mobile phone.

Features of FirstBank Token

  • The codes generated have a display period of 30secs
  • The app mandate customer to input a 4 digit pin before a transaction code is generated
  • The app once downloaded and activated can work offline

Benefits of FirstBank Token

  • Pay for your HITV subscription
  • Sell foreign currencies from your domiciliary account(s) to the bank.
  • Transfer foreign currencies (Dollars, pounds, Euro) from your domiciliary account to anyone in the world
  • Transfer to any FirstBank account and other banks in Nigeria
  • Pay for your US Visa fee

How to Activate FirstBank Hard Token

  1. The FirstBank Token becomes activated immediately after 24hours of obtaining it from the bank.
  2. FirstBank Internet System creates a platform were token registration is done typing your username, old account number and your unique password.
  3. Go to the settings and help menu on your left.
  4. Type in the Token ID without including hyphen (-). For instance (5343667) just at the space provided, click “Acknowledge” then tap on “Continue”. Check the numbers encrypted at the back of your token- white panel.
  5. A message would be delivered to you by FisrtBank, congratulating you for completing the acknowledgement process. This is enhanced through FirstBank SMS banking.
  6. Proceed with the online transfer immediately through the FirstBank mobile app or Internet banking System.

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