How to Recharge Phone, Transfer Money with FirstBank USSD Code

FirstBank USSD Code

The FirstBank USSD code is the swift code used to carry out fund transfer from one account to another, recharge your mobile phone, check out your transaction details and account balance using your mobile phone. The USSD code is a very quick and convenient means of accessing your bank account and performing other bank transactions. It can also be used to pay bills at any point in time. Customers FirstBank account are linked with their debit card and a phone number in order to receive FirstAlert SMS or Mail from the bank just as soon as you have used 894 FirstBank USD code.

Other Banking services are made so easy by dialing *894*0#. One gains full access to personal account by following the desired option when all options pops-out on the screen of your mobile phone after dialing the FirstBank USSD code *894#.

The following are the list of FirstBank services provided by dialing the USSD code:

How to transfer Money (To any bank in Nigeria)

  • Dial *894*Amount*Account Number#
  • *894*100000*1234567730#.
  • To transfer N100, 000 to account number 1234567730 in any bank in Nigeria.

How to Recharge Phone or buy Airtime Credit for self

  • Dial *894*Amount#
  • *894*1000#.
  • To recharge N1000 airtime on your mobile number registered with FirstBank

How to Recharge other Peoples Phone from your FirstBank Account

  • Dial *894*Amount*Phone Number#
  • *894*1000*080XXXXX123#.
  • To recharge N1000 airtime for phone number 080XXXXX123

How to check real time balance with mobile phone

  • Dial *894*00#
  • To check the real time balances on all your FirstBank accounts

How to register, create PIN, or reset PIN

  • Dial *894*0#
  • To register as a new user, create or reset your 5-digit PIN

How to check Transaction details

  • Dial *894*AccountNumber#
  • *894*1234567890#.
  • To receive a summary transaction statement of up to your last 5 transactions via SMS

How to use your Master Card with the FirstBank USSD code

  • Dial *894*0#, a list of masked debit card numbers linked to your account is displayed
  • Immediately choose your preferred Master Card.
  • Dial the 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the selected master card
  • Then Create a new 4-digit PIN
  • The card is now ready to be accessed using your mobile phone by dialing *894#.

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