Young Buck Reveals That He Was Considered For The Tupac Role In “All Eyez On Me”

Young Buck uncovered a stunning piece of All Eyez On Me  in another meeting.

Talking with DJ Smallz, the Nashville local said that, while Demetrius Shipp Jr. looks like 2pac superbly, he was almost placed in that very part. “I think the person who played Pac, we have to check his introduction to the world endorsement,” he said. “Individuals don’t have a clue about this, however I should play Pac.

I should play Tupac Shakur […] I really was arranged as one of those folks that was considered to play 2Pac. I was practically told I was at that point given the part without the tryout, until the point when Pac himself came around.”

Notwithstanding the close miss, he doesn’t appear to have any malevolence towards the movie producers or Shipp himself. “The person who played 2Pac, you couldn’t locate a superior individual to play 2Pac. The man looked just precisely like 2Pac, and I felt like he’d gotten his work sufficiently done to assume that part, and he’d made an extraordinary showing with regards to.”

Watch the full discussion beneath.

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